multimedia show Cotai-Macau 2018
Opening Credits
Mapping Show
Flying through cubic reflective universes, avoiding dark digital clockworks, find clues on a projected puzzle. This is the kind of content we had to create for the show Destiny, between the end 2017 to mid 2018.
Featuring a 30ft tall screen on stage, one of the biggest in the world, at the MGM Macau multimedia theatre. 
We elaborated video content up to 12k resolution.

Credits :
Opening Title :
Director : Gridspace
Design / Motion Design / 3D Animation : Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Lead Motion Design & 3d Character rigging : Stefano Gemmellaro
Content Producer : Isabella Salas
Content Director : Normand-Pierre Bilodeau

Ignition Key :
Direction, Design, Motion Design : Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Mapping Show:
Stage Director: Pamela Schneider
Direction : Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Design & Motion Design : Josselin Bey , Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Content Manager : Frédérique Parenteau
Cinema 4D - After Effects
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