Through the Echoes/ Au-delà des échos is a 60-minute immersive experience presented inside the PY1 pyramid, the first travelling show venue created by Lune Rouge Entertainment. A sweeping multimedia epic imagined by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, the show is a technological and emotional odyssey about the evolution of life, from the Big Bang to the present. The show was presented in January and February 2020 in Arlington, Texas
I was asked by Silent Partners Studio to create the "pantheon of languages".  Communication is the greatest achievement of mankind. Such  great accomplishment could only be represented by massive giants holding the human alphabets in their hands .
This was a particularly challenging piece due to the massive resolution of the project. 
Layout, modeling in C4D. Sculpting and Uv  in Zbrush textures /shading in Substance Painter.  Animation, lighting and rendering done in Notch.
Creative Producer Guy Laliberté – Show Director Gabriel Coutu Dumont – Creative Director Jean Guibert – Production Design, Architectural and Interior Design, Special Effects Developer  Fireplay – Composer and Musical Director John A. Laraio – Creative Director of Video Content Janicke Morissette – Lighting Design Cory Fitzgerald – Sound Design Jonathan Deans – Design of Kinetic Elements Patrick O’Mahony – Design and Integration of Technological Systems Alexandre Barrette – Video content studios Silent Partners Studio and Reflector Entertainment – Production Director Michael Anderson – Technical Director of Infrastructures Michel Tremblay – Producer Alexandre Miasnikof – CEO and Executive Producer Stéphane Mongeau – Photos Christopher Bauder, Lune Rouge Entertainment, Refined Moment
Thanks to Silent Partners Studio and all the artists who worked on this project !
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